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    Scrubber Wars (the small scrubbers).

    Join us in Sydney, January 2024 for our hands on small size robot scrubber reviews in a real-world retail setting.

    “Coming Soon”  Delivery Robot Wars.

    Join us in Melbourne, February 2024 for our hands on restaurant and hotel delivery robot reviews in a real-world retail setting.

    “Coming Soon”  Scrubber Wars (the medium scrubbers).

    Join us in Sydney, March 2024 for our hands on medium size robot reviews in a real-world retail setting.

    Your Guide to the Future: Robot Reviews, Right Here, Right Now!

    In a world fuelled by innovation, there exists a realm where machines don’t just assist but evolve alongside us, fundamentally altering the course of industries and human experiences alike. Welcome to the riveting world of robotics – a domain that’s ceaselessly evolving, promising breakthroughs that challenge the limits of human potential. From manufacturing floors to medical labs, from outer space to our living rooms, robotics is rapidly weaving its presence into the fabric of modern existence. Amid this technological renaissance and especially in Australia a void exists to help guide customers when purchasing robots. 
    Robot-Reviews now solves this problem. Robot-Reviews will provide hands on reviews of these new technologies using independent judges in real life environments. Join us in January as we review our first set of cleaning robots. “Scrubber Wars… the Small Scrubbers”.

    About Us

    Our passion is reviewing robots. Robots and automation are fast evolving. New manufactures with new technologies are being built in every corner of the world. We stay on top of this technology so you can make informed buying decisions. We also review these robots in Australia and compare the technology against comparable products. Our video reviews of these robots along with our robot competitions will help guide you on your robotic journey. We cut thru the marketing hype bombarding your buying process making it easy to select robots that not only work as advertised but are also fully supported by reputable dealers in the Australian and New Zealand market.

    Announcing "Scrubber Wars"

    Our inagural reviews will commence with our launch of “Scrubber Wars” at the Australian InClean Show on November 1st and 2nd at the Melbourne Convention Centre (booth 75). We will showcase the current small scrubbers available on the market today. All of these manufactures have been invited to our mid January “Scrubber Wars” competition in a real world store setting.

    Our Judges

    Our judging panel for the “small scrubbers” is made up of floor professionals from Australia’s largest retailers.

    Our Rating System

    (Details published after the InClean Show)

    Market Specific Robots We Will Review

    Security Robots

    Reviewing Early 2024

    Mower Robots

    Reviewing Early 2024

    Concierge Robots

    Reviewing Early 2024

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